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Key Programming

If you own a vehicle newer than model year 1995 chances are you have a computer chipped key.  To help deter vehicle theft manufacturers added an immobilizer system to your vehicle.  What this means is your vehicle will not start if a key that isn’t programmed is being used.  This feature definitely helps avoid the disappearance of your vehicle overnight but it comes at a cost to the consumer.  No longer can you get a copy of your key at the local hardware store.  You now need special tools that communicate with computers of the vehicle to program the chip in your car key to be able to start your car.  While some vehicles have systems more complicated than others, Custom Car Keys can get the job done!  Our goal is to be the most convenient and cost effective car key replacement service!  No need to go to the dealer where you’ll be sold a key, blade and programming services separately at a premium.  

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