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Ignition Repair

**Specializing in Honda Ignitions**
The ignition of your vehicle is where it all starts, pun intended. Without the proper function of your ignition, the vehicle will not start. Over time, along with your key,  the internals of the ignition wear with use and in some cases abuse. Custom Car Keys can help with ignition faults too!  

Symptoms of a faulty ignition:


  1. Visible wear on your key.  The blade will be scratched or grooved on one or both sides.  The teeth/cuts will be worn.  

  2. The ignition will have resistance to rotation.  With the key inserted into the ignition, attempting to start the vehicle will be difficult and in some extreme cases won’t rotate at all. 

  3. Key will be difficult to insert and/or remove from ignition. In some extreme cases the key may not go all the way into the ignition.

  4. Key will be stuck in the ignition.  This is the result of neglect to repair after a long time of previous symptoms and can be the cause of the key blade breaking and being left behind in the ignition.  

The Cure:

At Custom Car Keys we can repair(most makes and models) or replace your ignition on-site and in most cases the job can be completed on the same day. 

Advantages of repairing/rebuilding the ignition:


  1. Save on the overall cost of repair.  Our mobile service can be dispatched to the location of the vehicle avoiding the extra towing expense of bringing the vehicle to the dealer or repair station.

  2. Avoid having two different keys.  The rebuild will assure the same key that opens the doors will also start the vehicle. 

  3. Avoid the high cost of complete ignition replacement you’d likely be offered at the dealer/repair facility. 

  4. A new key will be included with every ignition rebuild and if necessary, programming of the computer chip is also included. 

If the above symptoms sound like your ignition, wait no longer…CALL NOW before the worst case scenario occurs. 

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